Mortgage Application Checklist

While information required by a lender varies depending on the lender and the applicant, below is a checklist of what is typically required to apply for a loan:

· Your present mortgage information.
· Two year history of employment and verification of all income sources including name, address and telephone number of employer.
· If self-employed, copies of past two years’ Federal Income Tax Returns and year-to-date profit and loss statement.
· Information about your checking, savings and credit card accounts.
· Names, addresses, account numbers and monthly payments for all loans and credit cards.
· Name, account number and outstanding balance of each of your debts.
· Information about any assets.
· Information regarding any other assets that will be used as funds to close.
· If FHA, copy of Social Security card and photo ID.
· If VA, Certificate of Eligibility or DD214.
· If Employee Relocation Client, include relocation information and a copy of offer, promissory note and copy of check on bridge loan.
· Name, address, and telephone number of landlord for past 2 years.
· Bank statements for the last three months.
· Last 12 months of cancelled mortgage payments and/or rent checks.
· Checks for the payment of the credit report and appraisal fees.
· Application deposits.

Please contact us so we can give you more information about what is required to process a loan application and to pre-qualify for a particular loan amount.