Special Financing Options

Securing the best financing option for each buyer is one of the goals of A1 Florida Real Estate.  If you fall under one of the following categories, our mortgage professionals are also trained in providing information and in qualifying buyers who fit certain, required criteria:

First-Time Home Buyers:
Our professionals are trained to provide information and to qualify individuals who meet certain income levels and home price range for eligible first-time homebuyers. The state of Florida and particular cities throughout the state offer low-interest 30 year fixed-rate loans, as well as down payment and closing costs assistance.

Teachers / Firefighters / Police Officers / Healthcare Professionals / Active Duty and Military Veterans:
These professionals can also qualify for lower interest rates from the state of Florida, depending on income levels. Our mortgage professionals can provide more information for interested parties and assist in qualifying.  Eligible applicants include individuals who have never owned a home; do not claim their mobile home as real property; have not owned and occupied a home as their primary residence within the past three years; have established credit worthiness; and have an annual income that does not exceed program limits.

Federally Designated Areas / Improvement Zones:
If a buyer purchases property in an area targeted by either the Federal, State or Local government as a revitalization area, he or she may qualify for lower than standard interest rates and numerous other incentives.