Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in real estate in South Florida has been booming over the past few years.  In fact, international buyers of United States residential real estate are major players in the Florida housing market, accounting for 15% of total home sales in the state.  Because of its central location to Europe and South America and its infrastructure, South Florida is an excellent location for real estate investment for foreign nationals.

A1 Florida Real Estate teams up with international tax and law experts who can explain the benefits of investing not only in the United States but also in Florida.  With low interest rates on loans and relatively high rates of return on investments, Florida real estate is an ideal investment for those individuals who live outside the United States and are looking for a solid investment.  Our associates have extensive experience in international transactions and are equipped to meet the demands inherent to conducting business in the international, multi-ethnic environment of South Florida.

As Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS), our associates are specifically trained in international transactions in the United States and can also assist in transactions abroad.  A1 Florida Real Estate can also help foreign nationals navigate the buying process in the United States that may be significantly different then a national's home country.